finds, finding, found
1) VERB If you find someone or something, you see them or learn where they are.

[V n] The police also found a pistol...

[V n] They have spent ages looking at the map and can't find a trace of anywhere called Darrowby...

[V n n] I wonder if you could find me a deck of cards? [Also V n for n]

2) VERB If you find something that you need or want, you succeed in achieving or obtaining it.

[V n] Many people here cannot find work...

[V n] So far they have not found a way to fight the virus...

[V n n] He has to apply for a permit and we have to find him a job...

[V n for n] Does this mean that they haven't found a place for him? [Also V n for n to-inf]

3) V-PASSIVE If something is found in a particular place or thing, it exists in that place.

[be V-ed] Two thousand of France's 4,200 species of flowering plants are found in the park...

[be V-ed] Fibre is found in cereal foods, beans, fruit and vegetables.

4) VERB If you find someone or something in a particular situation, they are in that situation when you see them or come into contact with them.

[V n -ing] They found her walking alone and depressed on the beach...

[V n -ed] She returned to her east London home to find her back door forced open...

[V n prep/adv] Thrushes are a protected species so you will not find them on any menu.

5) VERB If you find yourself doing something, you are doing it without deciding or intending to do it.

[V pron-refl prep/adv] It's not the first time that you've found yourself in this situation...

[V pron-refl -ing] I found myself having more fun than I had had in years...

[V pron-refl adj] It all seemed so far away from here that he found himself quite unable to take it in.

6) VERB: no passive, no cont If a time or event finds you in a particular situation, you are in that situation at the time mentioned or when the event occurs. [WRITTEN]

[V n prep] Daybreak found us on a cold, clammy ship...

[V n -ing] His lunch did not take long to arrive and found him poring over a notepad covered with scrawls.

7) VERB If you find that something is the case, you become aware of it or realize that it is the case.

[V that] The two biologists found, to their surprise, that both groups of birds survived equally well...

[V it adj to-inf] At my age I would find it hard to get another job...

[V n to-inf] We find her evidence to be based on a degree of oversensitivity...

[V n n] I've never found my diet a problem.

8) VERB When a court or jury decides that a person on trial is guilty or innocent, you say that the person has been found guilty or not guilty.

[be V-ed adj] She was found guilty of manslaughter and put on probation for two years...

[V n adj] When they found us guilty, I just went blank.

9) VERB You can use find to express your reaction to someone or something.

[V n adj] I find most of the young men of my own age so boring...

[V n adj] We're sure you'll find it exciting!...

[V it adj that] I find it ludicrous that nothing has been done to protect passengers from fire...

[V n n] But you'd find him a good worker if you showed him what to do.

10) VERB If you find a feeling such as pleasure or comfort in a particular thing or activity, you experience the feeling mentioned as a result of this thing or activity.

[V n in -ing] How could anyone find pleasure in hunting and killing this beautiful creature?...

[V n in n] I was too tired and frightened to find comfort in that familiar promise.

11) VERB If you find the time or money to do something, you succeed in making or obtaining enough time or money to do it.

[V n] I was just finding more time to write music...

[V n] My sister helped me find the money for a private operation.

12) N-COUNT: usu adj N If you describe someone or something that has been discovered as a find, you mean that they are valuable, interesting, good, or useful.

Another of his lucky finds was a pair of candle-holders...

His discovery was hailed as the botanical find of the century.

13) See also , found
14) PHRASE: V inflects, oft PHR prep/adv If you find your way somewhere, you successfully get there by choosing the right way to go.

He was an expert at finding his way, even in strange surroundings...

After a while I pulled myself to my feet and found my way to the street.

15) PHRASE: V inflects, PHR adv/prep If something finds its way somewhere, it comes to that place, especially by chance.

It is one of the very few Michelangelos that have found their way out of Italy...

The most unlikely objects found their way into his design and look absolutely right where he placed them.

16) to find fault withsee fault
to find one's feetsee foot
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